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Andreu World is a contemporary design furniture company for home, office, hotels, restaurants and corporate spaces, with more than 65 years of business experience, and we have grown convinced of our philosophy, a sum of love for detail, excellence and good design.

We are a family business faithful to the idea that to build the future we need to keep the past alive. Craft and tradition are concepts that remain alive in our day to day through personal bonding, accumulated experience and the commitment that our project evolves generation after generation.

Wood is the origin of our company, and not as a single subject; but as a work attitude and a form of relationship with the world. At Andreu World we use 100% FSC-certified wood, from reforested forests. We manufacturer designs with great added value and durable, which our master upholsterers and woodworkers produce with passion and experience accumulated after centuries of tradition.

We offer practical and aesthetic furniture solutions demanded by people from all over the world, and this has been possible thanks to our flexibility and steadfastness. Flexibility regarding our adaptation to permanent change of needs and the continuous improvement of our work. And steadfastness for valuing and respecting the importance of craftsmanship in harmony with the advancement of technologies, preserving our Mediterranean character.


  • Home furniture - classic style
  • Home furniture - Modern style
  • Office contract market
  • Corporate / Public space - office
  • Corporate / Public space - furniture interior
  • Textiles contract market
  • Outdoor furniture


  • Oru chair Strongly influenced by the design of the 70-s and inspired by a certain Japanese feeling, the Oru collection springs forth. A bold design with a striking architecture of the three legs. The Oru collection consists of chairs and armchairs, with two width options, and upholstered with recycled fabrics and with foams also made of recycled fibers. Ideal for residential, restaurant and hotel spaces. Link to the product »

  • Calma chair Calma, designed to improve the experience throughout the working day, designed for both corporate spaces and the home office. Calma draws inspiration from the idea of creating a welcoming work seat, a soothing presence in the often-stressful environment of the workplace. Its lines envelop the user to enhance comfort and tranquility. This collection offers five different types of backrest and it is available with a 5-wheel base or four casters. Link to the product »

  • In out Office In Out Office is a furniture system that allows more productive and dynamic work, providing an innovative vision for hybrid uses in work and private spaces. It comprises sofas, and many more elements, it incorporates acoustic reduction solutions to provide privacy and soundproofing both individually, in order to promote concentration, and when used together for collaborative work. Versatility is ensured thanks to its wheels, which can be added to the modules. Link to the product »

  • Mariya

    Mariya The precision and constructive complexity of Mariya’s structure contrasts with the softness of its upholstered seat and backrest without losing an ounce of personality. This collection has two versions of lounge chairs with different widths. Thanks to its intelligent construction system, it is a circular design, with a carefully thought out carbon footprint and eco-designed so that all components are easily separable and recyclable. An optimal design for educational, corporate and residential settings. Link to the product »

  • Extra Conference Table Extra is a program of versatile, elegant and representative tables, characterized by their customization possibilities and their great versatility. It is made up of different aluminum feet, a wide variety of materials for the tops, a wide range of measurements and two different heights. Its architectural character offers an original alternative for office spaces, hotels and homes. Link to the product »


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