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Artome is a smart furniture manufacturer from Finland. The ideology of an installation-free and adaptable presentation technology has been, and still is, the foundation of the company. Today Artome offers portable plug-and-play smart furniture for presenting, learning, and much more. The goal of Artome is to plan and build audio-visual technology in a sustainable way and to make products that bring flexibility and easiness to the users without forgetting the aesthetic side.


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  • Artome M10

    Artome M10 Artome M10 is a portable all-in-one smart furniture for any space.
    It enables effortless presenting and videoconferencing with a build-in Epson projector and embedded sound system. It is installation free and only needs a light-coloured wall or a screen as a reflection surface. When all the devices are integrated into a design furniture, it does not only save time and money in construction, but it also ensures that image and sound always work seamlessly together. Länk till produkten »



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