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Fora Form is one of Scandinavia’s largest furniture manufacturers for social areas where people
meet. Our vision is to facilitate interactions
in four focus areas: Eat together, work together, breathe
together and experience together.

Since the 1950s, we have used design as a strategic tool to create good meeting places in contract market.

Through innovation and good design, we will create good
interactions wherever people meet in the future.

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  • Knekk chair

    Knekk chair With its subtle kink, the new Knekk chair allows for both reclining reflection and forward-leaning discussions. It has an elegant look, and can be used with or without armrests.

    Far from ostentatious, the Knekk chair comes across as friendly and welcoming. It automatically accommodates a seated position, allowing you to lean against the table for a chat or a meal without having to push your body forward on the chair.

    Knekk is quite simply style and functionality uniquely expressed in solid wood. Seat pads are available for extra comfort, and chairs without armrests can be stacked. Länk till produkten »

  • The Otis family consists of a sofa, an ottoman and a chair. Otis has a precise and narrow framework that emphasizes the soft cushions and the informal expression. The series was designed by Olav Eldøy in 2017.

    The traditional shape of Otis is challenged by the soft cushions that give the sofa a more informal expression. The two layers of cushions leaves roomto combine textures and colors to give an customized expression.

    The informal expression is evident in soft, seemingly soft cushions in the back, seat and side rails. All cushions are designed to maintain a tidy expression. Vertical cushions are fastened with a zipper, while horizontal ones are fastened with velcro. Länk till produkten »

  • Knekk wood table

    Knekk wood table The Knekk wood table incorporates the unique Knekk design element through its split table top. Supported by a frame of elegant, solid oak, the table top can be supplied in different colours to create a dynamic contrast.

    The distinctive solid oak centre piece offers additional character, becoming a natural home for your table accessories. The centre piece can also be delivered as a cable hatch with a hidden well. Knekk tables come in four lengths. The largest ones have a centre plate, while the smallest table has a clean, two-section plate.

    Together with the Knekk chair and Knekk bench, the Knekk table creates a comprehensive and distinct Nordic expression that stands out from the crowd. Länk till produkten »

  • ON collection

    ON collection ON collection is a charming group of products that creates cosiness in the workplace and in social areas. ON collection is Fora Form’s accessory series that combines round shapes with that little something extra for common areas and coffee spots.

    The different elements of ON collection both softens and warms up, and can be seamlessly integrated with Fora Form’s various tables. The products are designed for simple plug-and-play and can be mounted on the table, which creates scope for variation because all of them can be swapped out for another.

    With ON collection, you’re a big step closer to making public environments, coffee spots and common areas truly cozy. Länk till produkten »

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Fora Form

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