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  • Mattor, golv


  • Edition Black & White

    Edition Black & White Virgin wool rug in reduced color scheme Länk till produkten »

  • Tisca LennoX

    Tisca LennoX The structure that gives calm and elegance.
    Rhomb and Zig Zag - two textile design classics from a time when design still meant pattern. Länk till produkten »

  • Respect. This is Tisca.

    Respect. This is Tisca. Every single fiber in our new Respect Collection is an ambassador of our responsibility: to our planet, to the people involved, and to their home. GOTS certified scouring and dyeing. Länk till produkten »

  • Tisca Garden Rugs

    Tisca Garden Rugs Designing and connecting spaces according to the same attitude to life - never before have these possibilities existed in such perfection. Länk till produkten »



Tisca Austria GmbH

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