Dailrade Koks

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  • Curved plywood production

    Curved plywood production Wide range of curved plywood products and components. Produced in a curved plywood dedicated technology production with ~100 people production team.

  • Kids furniture production

    Kids furniture production Production and development of mid-to-premium range kids furniture products. Providing mix of different materials and production technologies.

  • Painted MDF component production

    Painted MDF component production With the help of more than 25 CNC machines and 4 UV painting lines, we have established ourselves as strong partners in painted MDF component production.

  • Veneered furniture production

    Veneered furniture production With the help of UV roller coated lacquering line and a vast experience in veneer item production for more than 20 years - we have established ourselves as a reliable partner for both full veneer items and veneer components.



Dailrade Koks

Ciekurkalna 1. linija 11, LV-1026,  Riga Lettland