Pallas UAS, Department of Textile and Department of Furniture

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Pallas University of Applied Sciences provides studies in design, conservation/restoration and the arts in seven curricula: Photography, Painting and Restoration, Media and Advertisement Design, Furniture Design and Restoration, Leather Design and Restoration, Sculpture
and Textile.
Pallas UAS initiating changes in the creative sector, valuing traditions and leading innovation in the fields of art, design, conservation and restoration in cooperation with its partners.
The purpose of the PROJECT 301 was to find out characteristics for a good studying and working environment. The main focus was set up for issues related to room acoustics. Project participants proposed different solutions based on the needs of Pallas Auditorium Tä-301. Created prototypes are playful, often combine several different functions and approach the subject from an unexpected angle. Mostly leftover materials were used for creating the prototypes, on the basis of analysing, combining and complementing material properties and usage possibilities.


  • Designskola/Greenhouse


Pallas UAS, Department of Textile and Department of Furniture

Tähe 38b 50103  Tartu Estland