Stands at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

En ny plattform för experimentell design

”Showcasing some of the Nordics best design galleries, collectives and designers specialising in limited and small-scale design, it is a long awaited addition, emblematic of a new energy that pulses this years programme.”

Älvsjö gård är en ny plattform för experimentell, forskningsdriven och samlardesign, placerad i en av de äldsta fortfarande existerande herrgårdarna i Stockholm. Med sin närhet till mässområdet Stockholm Furniture Fair har den en unik position för att fokusera på begränsad och småskalig design. Vi bjöd in designgallerier, skapare och oberoende konstnärer och designers att ställa ut sina verk i rum fördelade på två våningar.

Utställare 2023 inkluderade Tableu från Danmark, Pyton Gallery och Kiosken från Norge och Stockholm Modern, Coulisse Gallery och Veermakers från Sverige. Konstnären Fredrik Nielsen visade upp installationen Mixed Emotions, som visades på Loewe-utställningen 2022, och den kurerade utställningen New Narratives visade nya och unika verk från en rad svenska designers och konstnärer. Vi är också glada över att haft Tokio från Slovenien, Navet och VREEMAKERS från Sverige, och den svenska skulptören och formgivaren Kajsa Melchior som ställde ut hos oss.


 Älvsjö Gård

New Narratives

New Narratives showcased new work from a number of designers and artists working in Sweden. Moving freely between industry, gallery commissions and small scale production, the designers and artists challenged the notion of the traditional design role as well as the image of Swedish design. The exhibition was curated by Hanna Nova Beatrice / Stockholm Furniture Fair. Participating designers were: Axel Wannberg, David Ericsson, David Taylor, Emanuele Stamuli, Erik Bratsberg, Fredrik Paulsen, Folkform, Hanna Hansdotter, Lab La Bla, Mattias Sellden, Magniberg, MattsonMarnell, Simon Klenell.


Taking its name from the French word “tableau”, meaning artistic stage or scene, TABLEAU functions as a gallery and creative studio working with curation, interiors, art and floral installations. They collaborate with a network of up and coming and established designers from all over the world, hoping to further break the divisions between the art and design genres. At Älvsjö gård they showcased the installation Funct Feast.


Kiosken is an interdisciplinary gallery space in Bergen, Norway, dedicated to support and exhibit artists, designers and craft artisans in the region. Exploring the boundaries between art, design and crafts they showcased selected work by Anine Aasen, Ali Gallefoss, Stine Aas, Studio Sandland, Siv Støldal, Vilde Tuv and Kine Ulvestad.


Pyton Gallery is a multidisciplinary exhibition platform and artist group in Oslo showcasing historic and contemporary Norwegian craft, art, and design. Founded in 2019 PYTON today consists of Henrik Ødegaard, Richard Øiestad, Tron Meyer and Are Blytt. The PYTON exhibition space in Oslo aims to be a pioneering figure for exhibition concepts, inviting up-and-coming designers, craft makers and artists to a common space.


The Swedish gallery stockholmmodern is specialized in contemporary design by international working multidisciplinary designers. At Älvsjö gård they presented brand new works by Frida Fjellman. New works by Linn Sjöstedt and Eva Zeathreaus as well as works by Sara Lundkvist and Anna Nordström. In addition to this essential part of Jenny Nordbergs acclaimed exhibition ”Active Cargo” was shown.

Fredrik Nielsen

The Swedish artist Fredrik Nielsens work is influenced by graffiti, pop culture and music and push our perception of glass into new directions. Trained a glass blower he is approaching his material and the traditions around it in his very own way. His work has been exhibited widely around the world. The installation Mixed Emotions for Wetterling Gallery was most recently showed at the Loewe foundation 2022.

Coulisse Gallery

Coulisse Gallery presented young, cutting-edge artists and designers from Scandinavia and beyond. With a collaborative approach at its core, the gallery aims to bring a vibrant new energy to the Stockholm art scene, connecting artists and creatives from different disciplines who have common visual and conceptual threads in their practices. Coulisse launched in 2021 by Filip Zieciak.


After several years of collaborating on bespoke interior design projects and collectible furniture pieces, Louise Liljencrantz and KFK Cabinet Makers launched Veermakers in 2021, with a range of furniture and accessories designed by Louise Liljencrantz. Combining mid century modern influences with a contemporary aesthetic, each piece is an ode to craftsmanship with a strong emphasis on finishes and details.

Kajsa Melchior

Kajsa Melchior is a designer and sculptor based in Stockholm focusing on spatial and material investigations. Her work has a design critical approach and moves in the borderline between furniture and sculpture, facts and fiction. With an interest in geology, many of her sculptures are made from sand that has been exposed to forces such as wind and water.


Slovenian brand Tokio created premium products that combined Japanese inspired minimalism and refinement with high-end modern technology. All products, from lighting to furniture, are hand-made by skilled craftsmen.


Navet is a multidisciplinary design collective in Stockholm and Milan, founded by Cecilia Wahlberg, Helena Svensson, Lina Huring and Maria Johansson. Their work spans from creative direction to spatial design and objects, and sometimes things in between. Artisan serial production is continuously explored by the group, both as producers and as designers for collaborating with brands.