New Ventures

This year, we introduced the new arena New Ventures, reflecting new tendencies in the industry. The simple low-key booths are designed by Nick Ross to offer a fuss free way to exhibit.

During the 2024 edition, the area included exhibitors Niko June, NM3, Ekbacken Studios, Swedish Girls, Model No, Swedish Ninja, Andreas Martin-Löf, SAERK, Studio Madelen Möllard, Interesting Times Gang, Bebo Objects, Very Simple: Kitchen, Jo Andersson Studios, Gustaf Westman Objects, Harvest Moon, MAIN and Arvet Studio.

"With the New Ventures area, I wanted to create something that elegantly highlights the temporary nature of trade fairs. Instead of designing traditional booths, the space is framed with an aluminium truss system, featuring freestanding wall modules in untreated MDF that divide the spaces, allowing visitors to move between the booths in a more flexible manner. The entire area can then be disassembled and reused for other events,” says designer Nick Ross.

From left to right: Stamuli and Swedish Ninja, Swedish Girls and NM3.