Image of people making decisions for Stockholm Furniture Fair.

A dynamic fair 2024

As one of the leading furniture fairs in the world, we are committed to provide a dynamic experience for everyone attending in February next year. We have listened in on all the feedback from our exhibitors, and are happy to share some of the updates we are implementing. Apart from offering the best business opportunities in Scandinavia, our focus in to create a dynamic fair with an international outlook.

-With a strong hall curation, a more dynamic layout, and a better balance between the different halls, we will strengthen the experience for both exhibitors and visitors.

-We open up for more places to eat, meet and network, which in turn creates better business and network opportunities. In 2024, all three halls will include a pop-up design bar in collaboration with a designer and/or a design brand. Each hall will also include a meeting- and workplace.

-Hall B is opening up for various new ventures, and play host to both new progressive design brands and emerging designers.  A curated selection of progressive design brands will infuse a new energy, as well as guest exhibitions, a workshop area and Greenhouse – the popular arena for emerging designers and design schools. As an additional new venture, we are welcoming high end brands with architectural details and innovative products.

-SFF Talks program will be curated in collaboration with various international media platforms to increase more visibility as well as high quality content. The stage will be placed in hall C, and the program with keynote speakers and panels will focus on knowledge-sharing and new ideas.

-We have partnered with Sight Unseen for Greenhouse, our platform for emerging talents, to hand out a Best in Show award. To push young talents, promote new ventures and ideas, and push the design industry forward, is at the forefront on our agenda moving ahead.

-We will organize three tours with invited journalists.

-We organize an extensive architect´program as well as a buyer’s program, in order to stimulate more business opportunities for our exhibitors.

-The Nude Edition: We are expanding our area with pre-built stands made of recycled material, offering a more sustainable way of exhibiting. The Nude Edition booths will be available in two different sizes for 2024.

-We are strengthening our collaboration with Stockholm Design Lab to create new progressive advertising campaigns. Advertising campaigns will be seen in national and international papers, magazines, and platforms.

-We will offer a diverse range of exhibitions and workshops, where attendees will have plenty of opportunities to learn, get inspired, connect, and engage with others – all aimed to spark business and conversations. 

We are very grateful for our exhibitor’s continued engagement and feedback. Your ideas make a difference – and together we can push Stockholm Furniture Fair forward.