Greenhouse Mentorship

A unique opportunity!

Take the opportunity to have a mentor for one year!

Historically, the relationship between mentor and adept played a key role amongst artisan professions. At Stockholm Furniture Fair we believe in supporting the interaction between young designers and experienced key persons from the design industry. As an exhibiting independent designer in Greenhouse, we offer thee the opportunity of having the support and feedback of a mentor within the industry. Five mentors have been appointed and will each select a mentee during the first day of the fair. Five independent designers get the opportunity to have a mentor for one year.


Meet the mentors!


Agneta Stake

Founder and Creative Director, Nola Industrier

Mentor Agneta Stake


With a great social commitment, passion and sensitivity, Agneta has formed a company that has greatly influenced the look of urban spaces and places.

For more than 40 years in the industry, Nola Industrier has developed and refined ideas, products, and visions for urban spaces. Nola collaborates with leading designers and architects from concept to manufacturing with sustainable production exclusively in Sweden. Nola stands for quality, aesthetics and sustainable design for movement and change in our public environment.



Benny Hermansson

Owner, CEO and Creative Director, GemlaFabrikers AB


Benny Hermansson is an entrepreneur and economist with many years of international experience in leading and developing people and businesses in hospitality, the automotive industry, retail, e-commerce and, last but not least, furniture production & design.


Benny is a passionate person with a strong interest in architecture, furniture and design – especially chairs. He was co-owner for seven years, and since 2019 has been the sole owner of Gemla Fabrikers AB, one of Sweden’s leading and most renowned furniture manufacturers. In Sweden, Gemla is peerless in the art of steam-bending wood, delivering high-quality design with tactile, crafted details in the very best sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. The company has gained renewed energy and more than quadrupled its sales over the past five years.


Instead of a traditional showroom, Benny’s great interest in art, wine and food has prompted the opening of Gemla Studio and Wine Bar, as well as GALLERI Gemla, which is set to be developed into an exciting meeting place for arts and crafts.



David Ericsson



"For me, the Zeitgeist (spirit of the age or spirit of the time) is important because we are living in a time of change. Everything just goes faster and faster. So we need to focus on the Zeitgeist to be able to develop good and interesting products.Products that not just only fit the market for a short period of time, our services should remain for a long time and evolve by time to fit our new needs of our environment".


David Ericsson is part of Sweden's younger generation of talented furniture designers. With extensive training in carpentry, furniture design, art and architecture, David has gained great recognition for his elaborate wooden furniture for manufacturers such as Gemla, Gärsnäs, Atelier Sandemar and Verk. David has been awarded various prizes and awards, among others Residence Magazine’s Designer of the Year Award 2022.



Sandra Adrian Asplund

Creative Director, Aspund


Sandra Adrian Asplund is the Creative Director at the Swedish contemporary furniture brand ASPLUND since the late 90s.


Together with established and up-and-coming designers, she has constantly been developing well-made design that lasts. Designs with both a clear designer identity as well as a strong brand identity.


“As a young upstart design company in the 90s, the curiosity of new ways of thinking about design, our history and what lasts for the future, paved the way for Asplund to become a well-known Swedish design establishment with a furniture and carpet collection, a Stockholm based store, and an interior studio”


Sandra has throughout the years been determined to manufacture as much as possible in Sweden, where the furniture industry holds so much history, craftmanship and knowledge.


”Even though architecture and fashion has always been an huge inspiration for me, meeting the end customers in our store, and working with our interior projects, gives me huge amounts of energy. Realizing what people really need and cherish is truly the way to develop sustainable products for the future”, Sandra says.



Thomas Bernstrand



Swedish designer Thomas Bernstrand’s work is exploratory, and his expression straightforward, often with a humorous twist. His work frequently presents unexpected design solutions whilst challenging conventions and perceptions about design.


“I must be able to motivate my design without lying to myself, and it must have a strong fundamental idea that require no superfluous add-ons to save it”, Thomas Bernstrand says.


Thomas Bernstrand is trained at the The Royal Institute of Art, Crafts & Design in Stockholm, Danmarks Designskole in Copenhagen and at Konstfack University of Arts in Stockholm. Since 1999 he runs the studio Bernstrand & Co. He has worked as a commissioned designer for IKEA, Droog Design, Cbi Design, Klaessons, Abstracta, Nola industrier, Zero, Muuto, Blå Station, among others.


Bernstrand has acquired international recognition and has received numerous Swedish and international design awards, including 2019 ELLE Deco Design Award and 2020 Form Award. His work has been exhibited worldwide, for example at MoMA, NYC and Colette, Paris.