Greenhouse 2024

Jury 2024

The purpose of Greenhouse is to create opportunities for exciting meetings and fruitful business collaborations between today's interior design industry and tomorrow's design profiles. It is an area where young designers are given the opportunity to develop, be inspired and grow.

Independent designers and design schools from all over the world are invited to apply to Greenhouse. The final selection is made by a well-known jury consisting of:

Anya Sebton

Alumni from Beckmans College of Design and an award-winning designer/interior architect with a studio in Stockholm. Her designs’ can be found at airports, embassies, and museums, among other places. She works with leading Swedish companies such as Lammhults, Abstracta and Asplund. Anya is also the chairman of the Greenhouse jury.

Jennifer Gröhn

Project manager Greenhouse with many years of experience in managing inspiration- and design exhibitions on behalf of Stockholm Furniture Fair.

Shane Schneck

Trained architect and industrial designer who since 2010 runs the studio Office for Design in Stockholm. The studio has received the Bruno Mathsson Prize, Rum's "Design of the Year", Swedish Architects' "Guldstolen" and "Japan Good Design".

Marcia Harvey Isaksson

Trained interior designer, today niched in exhibition architecture. Her focus is on our common cultural life where she uses textile materials and techniques. She also runs Fiberspace, a gallery that displays unique works and limited editions of fiber art and design.

Kristoffer Fagerström

Designer and partner at NOTE, a global multidisciplinary design studio. Kristoffer has a background in the film and advertising industry but has for the last 15 years been in charge of the product and furniture design section at NOTE. Over the years, the studio has been awarded several times for its challenging and unique design projects.

Björn Florman

Creative Project Manager at the Materials Library. Expert in material knowledge and sustainability issues regarding materials in design and product development. Consultant for eight of the top ten most well-known Swedish brands with global exports.