Disegno Journal Panel: Unearthing Narratives - Salvage: How can we build from existing things

Unused materials are all around us – either abandoned as waste or simply unrecognised as architecturally useful. Increasingly, however, architects and designers are starting to veer away from standardised, high-performance materials and instead sourcing from what is locally available, favouring a rougher material palette that specifically responds to an area. Moderated by Oli Stratford, Disegno’s editor-in-chief, this panel discussion brings together designers Jenny Nordberg, Akanksha Deo Sharma and Marco Campardo to explore their different approaches to material sourcing and the sociopolitical forces encouraging their form of practice – from ecological crises and overconsumption, to recognising the beauty of nature.

Lecturer: Marco Campardo, Jenny Nordberg and Akanksha Deo Sharma
Moderated by: Oli Stratford
Language: English