Arkitektur – the Swedish Review of Architecture: Architecture in liquid form

It is but a thin membrane, a fraction of a millimeter thick, and would barely be noticeable if it wasn't for its pigment. That's what we associate it, the hue. But paint, render, laquer, even ink, is a building component – probably the most common of them all. It may be superficial, but it is architecture. And there is depth to be grasped within the surface. In this panel, architects and writers from the new issue of the magazine Arkitektur are joined in conversation about what makes colour stick.

Bild: Patrick Gutenberg, kt.color

Gäster: Torun Hammar, architect SAR/MSA and Chairman, Council for the Cultural Environment, Architects Sweden, Daniel Johansson, architect SAR/MSA and co-founder of Byggfenomen, Polina Sandström, architect SAR/MSA and co-founder ASKA architects and Cecilia Lundbäck, architect, Brrum and KTH Arkitekturskolan.

Språk: Svenska

Moderator: Björn Ehrlemark, editor-in-chief, Arkitektur – the Swedish Review of Architecture

Exhibitor Talks, K11