Camira: Designing textiles for circularity

In this thought provoking seminar, sustainable fabric manufacturer Camira will explore the role of textile circularity in addressing the global textile waste and production problem and breaking the “take-make-waste” model of traditional manufacturing. Referencing Ellen McArthur’s circular design principles, the seminar will provide insights into three environmental material types for today’s eco-conscious specifier: natural bio-based materials made from renewable harvested plants, post-consumer recycled fabrics made from plastic bottles and ocean waste, and the company’s latest innovative breakthrough in closed loop recycled wool. Designing for circularity provides an insider’s look at the future of fashion for furniture.

Språk: Engelska

Föreläsare: Ian Burn, Director of Marketing and Sustainability at Camira, and Jodie Padgett, Senior Innovator at Camira

Exhibitor Talks, K11