Interface: The great potential of the Built Environment as a Carbon Sink

With the concept of ‘Cities as a Forest’, and by using biobased materials to store carbon long term in buildings the built environment has great potential as a carbon sink. Janneke Leenaars, Sustainability Manager Northern Europe, will present how Interface works on this future vision and will share learnings and challenges related to the engineering of carbon negative products.She will also bring back to mind the current carbon impact of the built environment and with a specifically focus on the blind spot of ‘embodied carbon’; the carbon footprint of materials and products used to build and decorate a building. How can real estate, end users, architects and designers become part of the solution and design with carbon and the climate in mind? This future perspective not only creates the built environment as carbon sinks, but also buildings and cities that are a great place of wellbeing.

Språk: Engelska

Moderator: Janneke Leenaars, Sustainability Manager Northern Europe, Interface

Exhibitor Talks, K11