The importance of fair remuneration and good design contracts!

Written agreements are a way of creating security for both designers and clients. There has long been a lack of guidelines and recommendations for agreements in this area, which is why Konstnärernas Riksorganisation (The Artists’ Association of Sweden) recently launched “Recommendations for Design Agreements” – to provide support and advice to designers and clients in the preparation and implementation of a design assignment. The recommendations aim at:

• Strengthening the role of designers in negotiations with clients and developing cooperation between designers and clients.

• Strengthening the designer's ability to clarify his/her competence and the understanding of the designer's competence and professional role.

• Creating guidelines and principles that all actors in the design field can relate to and refer to, for example in negotiations.

Språk: Svenska

Föreläsare: Katarina Renman Claesson

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