IFLA World Conference 2023 – Stockholm X Nairobi

As the first to take place on two continents simultaneously, the 2023 world congress is a unique platform for collaboration between landscape architects, architects and urban planners worldwide. On the theme of Emergent interaction, the congress aims to explore emerging forms of collective problem solving, networks of ideas and borderless strategies in order to find new solutions to the urgent issues of climate change, social inequality and biodiversity

How can we facilitate interaction across national and international borders, between citizens and government; academic and private practicepolitical frameworks and planetary borders; culture and nature; the digital and the physical, cities and ecologies?

Språk: Engelska

Föreläsare: Johanna Good, landscape architect and projectleader for IFLA World Congress 2023 and Maria Höök, landscape architect and program committee for IFLA World Congress 2023

Greenhouse Bar by Nola