Now or never – The power of choosing the right material

For furniture, the material choices we make as an industry typically accounts for around 50 percent of the carbon footprint. Material choices do matter. This panel will showcase why measuring and weighing is important, and discuss how the furniture industry can contribute moving forward.
The power of choosing the right material is moderated by the sustainable speaker and acclaimed writer Isabelle McAllister and is part of a series of panel discussions focusing on a sustainable future. The series is initiated by NOW OR NEVER, a knowledge sharing exhibition about the impact materials have on our environment in Hall C06:29. NOW OR NEVER is organised by Emma Olbers, designer and sustainability strategist, together with the design and innovation agency EY Doberman.
Gäster: Christian Lodgaard Senior Vice President Flokk Design, Shawn McKell Chief Strategy Officer Doconomy, Kristoffer Lundholm Head of Sustainability Sally by EY Doberman, Emma Olbers, Designer

Språk: Engelska

Moderator: Isabelle McAllister

Stockholm Furniture Fair Talks, Victoria Hall