Now or never – The value of waste

Every year, 30 million tonnes of furniture are thrown away in Europe; in Sweden we throw away 170,000 tonnes. How much of the furniture we throw away is recycled? Which recycled materials can be bought in Europe? Is recycled always better? And what kind of new materials will we see moving forward?
The value of waste is moderated by Elin Ankerblad, CEO of EY Doberman, and is part of a series of panel discussions focusing on a sustainable future. The series is initiated by NOW OR NEVER, a knowledge sharing exhibition about the impact materials have on our environment in Hall C06:29. NOW OR NEVER is organised by Emma Olbers, designer and sustainability strategist, together with the design and innovation agency EY Doberman.

Gäster: Eva Lilja Löwenhielm Design Manager Ikea, Kristina Tjäder Co-Founder & CEO Ekbacken, Nora Eslander Head of Communication Renewcell, Jonas Pettersson Co-Founder & CEO FUWL. 

Språk: Engelska

Moderator: Elin Ankerblad, Co-Founder & CEO EY Doberman Nordics

Stockholm Furniture Fair Talks, Victoria Hall