Surface Club by Lab La Bla

Surface Club, the brainchild of Malmö-based design studio Lab La Bla, stands out with its unique diamond-shaped layout, innovative use of sustainable materials and a refreshingly approachable, non-high-brow ambience. Every element, from furniture to fixtures, is handmade and custom-crafted, and integrates sustainability into every facet of the bar’s design. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the 350 square metre bar offers a playful atmosphere, centralising around several mini-golf courses, encouraging a different kind of interaction for attendees.

– Surface Club is a space that is highly inclusive and feels informal, playful and fun no matter the visitor’s agenda,” says Victor Isaksson Pirtti, one half of the duo behind Lab La Bla, which he co-founded with Axel Landström in 2019.

– We aim to surprise and inspire visitors as many of the materials used are unconventional for their applications. For example, the upholstery on some furniture feels like textile but is made from iron ore.

Bolon provides distinctive flooring for the bar, while the architectural structures incorporate innovative wall panels crafted from recycled tetra packs. Additionally, the design incorporates repurposed elements from things lost and found.

Furthermore, in a pioneering move, Lab La Bla will launch their latest venture, also called Surface Club, which designs material-driven solutions for new environmental agendas. It utilises waste materials, including wine corks and mining waste, in a modified powder-coating process applied with a hacked spray gun. The venture underscores the experimental and research-based design studio’s commitment to both innovation and environmental responsibility.