The Yellow Thread by Färg & Blanche

Set to be unveiled at the upcoming Stockholm Furniture Fair, The Yellow Thread installation was first created by Färg & Blanche for the 2023 Swedish Presidency of the European Union at the European Council in Brussels – a project commissioned by the Swedish institute (SI). The installation has evolved from its original form to encompass a bar and seating area, and a spacious stage area housing the fair’s talks program, spanning 500 square metres, framed by striking yellow arches that define and accentuate the space.

In a joint endeavour with The Swedish Federation of Wood and Furniture Industry TMF, Färg & Blanche has integrated various components from the original installation and furnished the bar with a number of circular products from TMF’s member companies. This transformation stands as a testament to sustainable design and the principles of circularity. The flooring product used in the area is provided and installed by Tarkett. 

Fredrik Färg and Emma Blanche

– The Yellow Thread conveys a warm welcome, says Fredrik Färg, one half of the design studio Färg & Blanche, which he has co-run with Emma Marga Blanche since 2010. 

– Yellow is the most brilliant colour in the colour spectrum, capturing our attention more than any other and symbolizing joy, optimism, enlightenment and creativity. Yellow also represents the Nordic light, says Emma Marga Blanche. The Yellow Thread offers a warm and calm atmosphere, designed to provide serenity amidst the fair’s hustle and bustle.