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  • Utemöbler offentlig miljö



    AMATA & USMA AMATA is first series of AMATA outdoor moments, designed by Danish Maria Berntsen Industrial Design.
    They work intuitively and experimentally from their Copenhagen-based design studio. Inspired by the nature of materials and a product’s destined functionality, they let form follow function in simple Scandinavian designs, ruled by mood and intuition.
    USMA is the second series of brand AMATA, designed by the Finnish AALTO + AALTO a Helsinki-based design office working with products, spaces and exhibitions. Their aim is to create special everyday objects with a strong identity and story. Inspired by time-tested old techniques, all kinds of factories and flea markets. Their special skill is managing to make things which are imaginative and different but still simple and timeless. Länk till produkten »



Cecilu 12 LV-4139  Amatas novads Lettland