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BakkerElkhuizen is the international specialist in designing, distributing and selling ergonomic hardware and software solutions.
We believe in a world in which you work smart and feel good. Based on research and knowledge, we create innovative solutions for your optimal work(place).

We believe that optimal work behaviour and a people-oriented workplace increase the health, safety, comfort and productivity of the "you". Within our philosophy of Work Smart - Feel Good, we want to stimulate optimal working behaviour. This includes alternating between dynamic sitting, standing and taking breaks to encourage physical and mental movement. In our people-oriented work environment, workplace design and work conduct go hand in hand.

The you-oriented work environment
Within the 'you'-oriented work environment, we put people first, with optimal work behaviour at an optimal workplace, taking into account environmental factors in the work space. We do this both in the office and in mobile work environments. In order to create a world in which you work smart and feel good, and in which we thus realise our vision and mission, we strive for excellence and expand our position as an innovation leader and knowledge partner in the market.


  • Lighting contract market
  • Office contract market


  • EnergyByLight Giving you more focus and improved performance during work and better sleep at night.

    An innovative bio-dynamic, human centric, lighting fixture that provides the right task and ambient light at the right time for your (home) workspace. The automatically changing intensity and colour temperature, similar to the sun, promotes a sense of wellbeing and productivity by supporting your bodies natural circadian daylight rhythm.

    By nature your body has been adapting the sun, giving you energy throughout the day and a resting period during the night. The EnergyByLight is no different, it is not an artificial light but a bio-dynamic human centric light that recreates the colour temperature and brightness of natural daylight found at your location throughout the course of a day, controlling your socalled circadian rhythm.
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