Anders Lendager: Unbuilding architecture

As we are looking into a world where we don’t build  – how does that affect architecture? Founder of Lendager, Anders Lendager is an architect and CEO of one of the most influential architecture studios and strategic consultancies working within the realm of sustainability and circular economy. His talk will start off in two of its first groundbreaking projects Upcycle Studios – the world’s first circular building that was built using construction waste from Copenhagen metro station  – and Resource Rows, the first buildings to recycle entire brick sections from demolished buildings. The audience is invited to follow how this knowledge has been taken further. From transforming wasted wood, recycled concrete and for the first time ever – used windmill wings – into the tallest wood building in Denmark, TRÆ, to transforming a post Second War parking house into a hotel in Berlin.

Språk: Engelska

Föreläsare: Anders Lendager, architect and founder of Lendager

Stockholm Furniture Fair Talks, Victoria Hall